Result CBD Pain Relief Lotion + Encapsulated CBD – 250 mg CBD, Menthol 0.1%-OLD


Happy Holidays!  We have applied a 20% discount for the next 24 hours to help spread the joy of pain relief during this holiday season. 1 Month Supply, 250 mg CBD, ~5.55 mg CBD per pump, TSA Travel Approved, THC Free Result CBD’s skin lotion is doctor formulated to provide fast acting pain relief for arthritis, back pain, sore muscles, and joint pain.  This product is excellent for larger muscle groups or soothing massages as the lotion will allow the encapsulated CBD to be spread of a larger area before being absorbed. Each bottle is hand selected to provide ~2 mL of lotion (~5.55 mg CBD) per pump for targeted pain relief as quickly as 15 minutes.



Pain Relief Body Lotion + Encapsulated CBD

3 fl oz / 90 mL – 250 mg CBD, Menthol USP 0.1%

~2 mL per pump (~5.55 mg CBD)

Topical vs. Oral CBD

Result CBD’s skin concentrate and lotion targets inflammation in the muscles and joints to provide pain relief in as quickly as 15 minutes. This skin formula was created to bypass problems associated with oral CBD such as the bad taste, CBD being broken down by acid in the stomach, and CBD being further destroyed by liver metabolism. Recent research has shown only 6% of CBD that is swallowed makes it into the bloodstream. This is why many people say oral CBD has no effect.

Why Choose Result CBD
Many people incorrectly believe that just because CBD is an oil it will penetrate through the outer skin layers. Research has shown that instead the CBD gets stuck in the fat layer if not correctly protected. By adding a doctor formulated protective coating, Result CBD is able to get past the outer fat layer of the skin that normally stops CBD oil from penetrating. This means pain relief is felt in minutes with Result CBD compared to hours from leading topical CBD competitors.

Farm To Label
We work directly with U.S.A. farmers and labs to source the highest quality bioavailable CBD on the market, then utilize third party testing to verify purity. Having direct sources allows Result CBD to provide customers with the highest quality products. Transparency is important to us and that’s why we include a Certificate of Analysis (COA) on each bottle. Scan the barcode and you can see the 3rd party COA.

Certificate of Analysis:

Each of our bottles come with a QR code that can be scanned to display the third party tested Certificate of Analysis (COA).  We are proud to show off this testing and think that all suppliers should showcase exactly what is in their products.

Newer iphones have a QR scanner built into the camera app.  Open the camera app and place it over the QR code, a link will display at the top of the page that will redirect to the COA.  If you are having any issues opening the COA, we are also happy to email a copy.

The COA may be unique for different bottles that you purchase and this is because we run a COA for each new batch of broad spectrum hemp that we source.  So that we can provide consistent results we adjust the formula to maintain the same consistency of CBD per pump (5mg).  Here is a link from one of our recent COA batches.